The Yucatan has grown by leaps and bounds. When we first arrived about 16 years ago there was little more than the ferry landing, a small military outpost the bus station and one hotel / restaurant  in Playa. The famous 5th Ave with all of its shops was in place for the tourists, but that was about it.Cave divers were few and the original explorers of the caves were still diving the systems. There is still much to see there in the way of cave diving, much of it as beautiful as I will ever see.  I can still find virgin cave on my days “off”.The home we rent is in a handsome gated community with security. The beach is about 5 houses down and it’s a 5 minute walk to town.So we’re sorry if you were unable to join us. It’s been a wonderful experience for all who traveled with us.This year we stayed 4 full weeks. The weather was absolutely perfect, I believe it rained a short while on one occasion!We spent a little more than a week cave diving and i swam more than 2 miles in the ocean everyday that we did not dive.There were day trips to Chichen Itza and Tulum.All those who joined us decided to stay with us 2 full weeks in our next planned trip in 2008.