November 2009


Expedition – X Oxygen Analyzer $ 329 USDItem: ROA-01-02The Expedition-X is a result of our customers’ requests for an analyzer with an external oxygen sensor. They wanted the same performance and durability of the Expedition, but desired an external cell that they could use for specific applications.  Hence, the Expedition-X was developed. The Expedition-X can […]

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Expedition Helium Analyzer $ 850 USDItem: ROA-01-03The OxyCheq Expedition Helium Analyzer is our most recent analyzer.  It is small, very portable,  very accurate and extremely easy to use. Our success in portable O2 analyzers prompted the design of a portable helium analyzer.  We are pleased to announce the Expedition He Analyzer to our line of

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Teledyne MixCheq He/O2 Analyzer $ 1099 USDItem: ROA-02-04The Teledyne MIXCHEK is a CE approved portable  instrument designed to accurately monitor the composition of both oxygen and helium. The case is environmentally sealed. It has a +/- 1% accuracy across the entire 0-100% analysis range for both oxygen and helium.The MIXCHEK analyzes the oxygen and helium

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OxyCheq’s Expedition Oxygen Analyzer MSRP: $ 299 USDItem: ROA-01-01A durable, compact oxygen analyzer with a user replaceable sensor, readily available batteries, a  splash-proof case and and at a reasonable price.  An electronic circuit that is easy to calibrate  and uses a long life sensor.  We used the newest and most reliable parts made and enclosed

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Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer $ 400 USDItem: ROA-01-05Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer. Compact and fits in your hand. Does not include regulator or calibration gas.Carbon Monoxide What Is It?Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that interferes with the delivery of oxygen in the blood to the rest of the body. It is produced by

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Expedition Helium& Expedition Oxygen Analyzer Combination $ 999 USDItem: ROA-01-04The He/O2 Combo consists of our popular Compact set of the Expedition Oxygen Analyzer and the Expedition Helium Analyzer. They can be used independently or connected together to provide both oxygen and helium readings at the same time.Expedition Helium AnalyzerThe OxyCheq Expedition Helium Analyzer is our

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