September 2011

Afican Queen

Cartegena, Colombia to Paulsburo, New Jersey.Built: 1955Sunk: December 30 1958Length: 590 ft. x  74 ftPowered by 2 steam turbines  All the men aboard were rescued.The owners sold their claim so the wreck was considered un-owned,thus locals took what they could from the ship. Eventually, a storm ripped off  the bow section and carried it over […]

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carrying 3.5 million gallons of ethanol, 48,000 gallons of stored diesel fuel and 193,000 gallons of fuel oil. The vessel was roughly 50 miles east of Chincoteague, Virginia in about 240 feet of water when it sank. Water temperature was around 44 degrees at the time.A scallop boat Captain described the disaster:”I was 30 miles

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USS Blenny

Each 5 inch gun had a crew of six; gun captain, first loader, second loader, third loader, pointer and trainer. In the above the trainer is shown seated. Seated opposite, but not visible, is the pointer. Ammuniton was available from the ready locker built into the structure around the conning tower. It was also passed

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