March 2016


Helium is the 2nd most abundant element in the universe and wasn’t discovered until 1868, when it  was discovered during a solar eclipse. Helium is a product of normal radioactive decay deep in the earth. Few places have the right geological conditions to keep it from escaping from the ground into the air. The LaBarge […]

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Technical Nitrox

Minimum Prerequisites:Classroom and Theory: Role of Stress in TrainingReducing RiskPlanning deep divesTeam SelectionTeam PreparationEquipment SelectionEquipment ConfigurationsBottle configuration: stagesEquipment PreparationPhysics and GasesBreathing MixturesOxygens use in decompressionOxygen toxicity: cns and otuGas calculations: deeper into FO2, PO2

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History of Scuba

1917 – Draeger produces a true scuba system that combines tanks containing a mixture of compressed air and oxygen (oxygen-enriched air) with rebreathing technology. It is sold for use at depths to 40 meters (130 feet).1918 – The Ogushi Peerless Respirator passes field tests at 324 feet. The Japanese device combines modified false-lung style closed-circuit

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Technical Fees and Rentals

Advanced Nitrox:   700. private: 900                             combined with deco procedures:1050  Adv. Rec. Trimix:    800.                           private: 1000. combined with Adv. Nitrox: 950.              private: 1200. Basic CCR:1800. Optima,Hammer Head eCCR, Inspirationcombined w/ Adv Eanx: 2000.Prerequisite: Advanced Nitrox, may be completed w/ course. Minimum 6 dives with no less than 500 minutes dive time. Rental units:Hammerhead, Optimafor entirecourse: 500.  

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cave diver

planning and execution of bailout scenarios gas planning utilizing independent systems Wreck or Cave Side Mount Course establishes the procedures and skill sets necessary to begin cave or wreck dive in Side Mount configuration builds on the skills and procedures established in the open water course as well as adding additional skills develops further comfortability

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in-depth the theory and techniques using the gas to expedition depths of 400 fw.  At these depths the increased physiological implications and requirements to establish reasonably safe SOPs and protocols are mandatory.   A total of five days of training is needed for divers already qualified Full Trimix to instill the needed abilities and knowledge for

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Full Trimix utilizes the advantages of helium as a deeper diving gas. Balancing; reduced FO2 /  PPO2, narcosis and decompression stop times to maximize diver efficiency.  This gas is the decisive factor for safer deep water exploration. It is the tool opening the door to increased diving adventure. The course explains in-depth the theory and

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