Full Trimix utilizes the advantages of helium as a deeper diving gas. Balancing; reduced FO2 /  PPO2, narcosis and decompression stop times to maximize diver efficiency.  This gas is the decisive factor for safer deep water exploration. It is the tool opening the door to increased diving adventure. The course explains in-depth the theory and techniques used of this “magic” gas.  A total of five days of training is needed for divers already qualified Normoxic Trimix to instill the needed abilities and knowledge for utilizing Trimix as a dive gas.  One confined water session, two training dives in depths more shallow than 130 feet and three Trimix dives are included in this comprehensive course.CCR Trimix also presents additional protocols from OC Trimix, bailouts.  Failed or limited gas supply, failed electronics and both during bottom, ascent and deco phase and more. This is an important course for those crossing over from OC trimix also.Qualifies Diver to: make dives utilizing hypoxic mixes of Helium, Oxygen and Nitrogen to depths of 330 ft.