March 2016


Includes:Equipment for course dives INCLUDED! double cylinders harness system wings regs ALL for 250.Minimum 4 students required so bring your friendsPrerequisite: AOW with minimum 30 divesnot included: gas fills, entrance fees, travel to checkouts etc

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cave diver

The Cave Diver Program introduces the diver to dives involving; line gaps, jumps, circuits and traverses.  Builds proficiency using multiple reels, including; primary, safety, and gap reels,  jumping procedures, visual gaps and jumps, reverse jumping procedures, simple and complex traverse procedures, simple and complex circuits,  trim and equipment streamlining, line protocol and awareness, complex dive

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It was not that long ago that most of the “Technical Instructors” knew one another. All of us completed our technical or cave training, spent years diving and perfecting techniques before attempting to teach others the discipline.Today, not so. Sadly there are plenty of “gung ho”, tech divers, who, having had an OW instructor rating

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Normoxic Trimix

The Normoxic Diver / Entry Level Trimix  program trains those who wish to dive outside the recreational limit to depths as great as 200 ft. and not use air. Normoxic Trimix limits narcosis, limits carbon dioxide retention and has sufficient oxygen to sustain life at the surface.This course examines the theory, methods and procedures of

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Jersey, in 1891. Later renamed Luckenbach Number 2, she was purchased commission in early December.While en route from Newport, Rhode Island, to Washington, D.C., on 26 heavy gale. Of a complement of 42 officers and men, only ten survived the tragedy. This report claims 32 deaths, however the Coast Guard reports 30 died.Before it was

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