It was not that long ago that most of the “Technical Instructors” knew one another. All of us completed our technical or cave training, spent years diving and perfecting techniques before attempting to teach others the discipline.Today, not so. Sadly there are plenty of “gung ho”, tech divers, who, having had an OW instructor rating jumped almost imediately into teaching tech.  I’m not saying they are “bad” instructors but that much of this discipline is based on TIME,

BUILDING EXPERIENCE SLOWLY, and developing additional mindset, protocols as well as comfortability.

This is VERY
important prior to teaching others.

As is often said, it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. And WHEN, you are faced with a true episode of equipment failure, error in decision making or any of many possible catastrophic events is when you TRULY prove your training, mindset and skill development. Many THINK they are good technical divers because they have excellent bouyancy control, the training and equipment. However it takes YEARS, and yes, some events, to begin to put it all together.I have seen excellent ow divers that are instructors get involved and due to their diving skills be overconfident during their

first 5 years.

This can kill the diver and possibly fellow team members.

PLEASE get training and get training with someone that has been technical diving and teaching technical for YEARS. By this i mean you should see a log with 10 years of Tech / Cave diving and teaching for at least 5 years. It’s your life that is at risk!Choose wisely, choose DIVESAFETY.NET