Expedition – X Oxygen Analyzer

$ 329 USDItem: ROA-01-02The Expedition-X is a result of our customers’ requests for an analyzer with an external oxygen sensor. They wanted the same performance and durability of the Expedition, but desired an external cell that they could use for specific applications.  Hence, the Expedition-X was developed. The Expedition-X can easily be panel mounted for use with mixing stations. The Expedition-X has an electronic circuit that is easy to calibrate and uses a long life, fast response sensor. We used the newest and most reliable parts made and enclosed the electronics in a compact, sturdy, custom molded, scratch and UV resistant, anti-static, ABS case. The case, digital panel meter, potentiometer, on/off switch, and sensor, are sealed to protect the electronics inside the enclosure from harsh elements. It is splash-proof when the cable is connected to the analyzer.The “Expedition-X” comes with a deluxe carrying case with custom foam cutouts to protect your investment.  It also has room for other items such as the cable, tee, sensor as well as accessories like a flow restrictor or flow meter.Both enriched air divers and technical divers will truly appreciate the compact size, durability, performance, ease of operation, reliability and sensor life. We believe that we have set a new standard in performance, price and quality for oxygen analyzers for the diving community.The OxyCheq Expedition-X Oxygen Analyzer is the most versatile oxygen analyzer on the market. You can sample gas by a variety of methods using a tee, DIN flow restrictor and tee, a sensor cap/flow restrictor, BC LP flow restrictor, and more. It can be used to measure gas directly from individual cylinders, in line with a compressor, or with a Nitrox Stik. Calibration can be made in air or pure oxygen and takes seconds. Once the sensor is calibrated, analyzing gas is easy. Click here for photos and information on the versatility of the and methods of sampling gas with the Expedition-X.Changing the sensor or batteries is very easy. When you remove the back of our case, all of the electronics are located on the front half of the case. There are no wires attaching the back to the front that can result in strains on the leads when replacing the batteries. The sensor is external to the case and takes seconds to replace. In limited light conditions and if desired, the user can flip on the backlight.The OxyCheq Expedition-X Oxygen Analyzer was designed with simplicity in mind. Once out of the box, the average user will be able to sample gas in minutes. The “Expedition-X” was built to last and perform … and it does. We did not take short cuts or use inferior parts to lower the quality of this unit, we simply took less profit. OxyCheq is known for our personal service and attention, we built the “Expedition-X” for you and have no doubt you will be extremely pleased with your purchase of this oxygen analyzer.Standard Features•Easy Operation•Compact, durable, o-ring sealed, UV and scratch resistant, anti-static, ABS case•Sealed “splash-proof” unit•Gas calibration for air or pure oxygen•On/Off/On with backlight•Very easy sensor and battery replacement•Fast response, long life sensor (includes diverter)•Straight, shielded, 6′ cable.•Tee (See Image)•Sensor Cap/Flow Restrictor (See image)•Temperature range 0-50C (32-122F)•Expected battery lifetime of 3 years•User replaceable inexpensive AAA batteries•Low Battery Warning•Resolution 0.1% O2•Measurement Range 0.1-100% O2•Deluxe carrying and storage case