Teledyne MixCheq He/O2 Analyzer

$ 1099 USDItem: ROA-02-04The Teledyne MIXCHEK is a CE approved portable  instrument designed to accurately monitor the composition of both oxygen and helium. The case is environmentally sealed. It has a +/- 1% accuracy across the entire 0-100% analysis range for both oxygen and helium.The MIXCHEK analyzes the oxygen and helium concentrations in a gas mixture using a dedicated two-channel sensor network sharing a common sample system. The gas to be monitored is drawn into the analyzer and passed to the sensor network. A high output micro-fuel cell is used to determine the oxygen concentration of the gas mixture. The output of the micro-fuel cell is fed to the display and read out as percent oxygen.The sample gas is then directed to a thermal conductivity sensor. This sensor provides a signal that is proportional to the differences in conductivities between the components of the gas mixture. A microprocessor compares the sensor output to data contained in an onboard chip and converts the raw data into a linerized signal that is sent to the Helium LCD display.•Very easy operation•Lightweight•Constant flow operation•Compact, durable, o-ring sealed, case•Two independent easy to read LCD displays for He and O2•Low power consumption – up to 150 operational hours on four C-cell batteries•Convenient front panel ON-OFF power switch with Battery Test•Front panel mounted Span and Zero calibration controls•Linearized He channel output over the entire analysis range•Microprocessor controlled electronics•Long-life, low temperature solid state thermal conductivity sensor for accurate helium analysis•Rapid response, long life (36 month) oxygen sensor•Convenient span calibration control for for calibrating the oxygen cell•Rugged water resistant case•Low pressure power inflator hose sampling adapter•Very easy battery and oxygen cell replacement•Wall mount available (special order)