Advanced Recreational Trimix

Further develops skills and knowledge learned in Nitrox, expanding into the use of light helium mixtures to limit narcosis. Limiting narcosis will enhance; performance, the dive experience, your perception, response times and will also limit carbon dioxide retention. Maximum END 80 ftThis program employs mixtures of 21% – 40% oxygen up to 1.5 PO and a maximum equivalent narcotic depth of 80 fw.4 dives are completed with 2 as deep as 160 fw but no less than 100 fw.Decompression is permitted up to 15 minutesDiving with pony or stage cylinder with decompression mix up to 40 %If taken with Advanced Nitrox may utilize decompression mix up to 50%course may be completed in doubles with dual outlet manifold or a single tank configurationQualifies divers to:
perform Trimix Dives outside of training up to o 160 fsw and perform decompression stops up to 15 minutes using EAN 40 as a decompression gas