Rebreather Sales

Dive 25 dives and 35 hours to depths of 130 ft or less.  Then consider a ccr Normoxic Trimix course with HE to depths up to 200 ft.  If you buy the unit in the off season, you are giving yourself the time to depths less than 130 ft.  You will also giving yourself the time to build experience before the temptation of deeper diving


The skill sets are different, get additional training and avoid becoming a statistic.

  Training Fees
Expect to pay between $1,200-$1,5000 for training and do minimum 5 day course with at lest 500 minutes of dive time. If you do not own a unit expect to pay up to
250. per day plus consumables; sofnolime, batteries, oxygen and diluent gas.Buying or selling second hand units
You may decide you want to buy a used unit or sell your rebreather, trade up or to take up another hobby.  Either way it would be nice to know you could sell it. Many units have a decent second hand value.  A second hand purchase is a good option but buyers beware. Is the hardware and or software completely outdated? Is the mfg well known and service oriented?  Also be aware of the  person selling the unit as there have been a number of scams on E Bay. Don’t pay the money until you get the unit. There are clearing houses for such transactions, making it safer for both seller and buyer.