IANTD Courses

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IANTD courses
International Assoc. of Nitrox
and Technical Divers
This is the entry level certification course for recreational divers wishing to utilize air enriched with higher fractions of oxygen
benefits, hazards and proper procedures for utilizing EAN 21 through 50% (oxygen)
conduct advanced wreck penetration skills and techniques are covered.
conduct advanced wreck penetration utilizing custom blends of Nitrox up to 100% oxygen Dive depths up to 180 fw
conduct dives to 160 fw using O2 mixtures from 21% up to mixtures no greater than 1.5 PO and END no greater than 80
for dives up to 180 fsw/55msw that require staged decompression, utilizing nitrox mixtures and oxygen during decompression
safely utilize breathing gases containing helium for dives as deep as 200 ft.  that require staged decompression
safely utilize breathing gases containing helium for dives as deep as 300 ft.  that require staged decompression
Certification on the Dive Rite Optima. Basic, entry level trimix and Advanced Trimix
develop the minimum skills and knowledge for cavern and overhead environment diving
an introduction to the basic principles of cave diving
This course is the third stage of training in the series of IANTD’S cave diver development program.
Train Open water divers through Advanced Open water and Rescue
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Train Divers in Advanced Nitrox, Deep Diver, Light Decompression and Divemaster