December 30 2007 Garrett Mitchell completes full cave programDecember 14: Dave Schulz completes Full Cave Open CircuitDecember 7 2007: Jeff begins diving the newly released Hammerhead ccr December 8: Dave Schulz completes Technical Nitrox to 180 ftNovember 11: Mike Powell completes Optima ccr course
September 4: Matthew Kraft completes Advanced Nitrox, Optima CCR Dives

September 3 2007: Mike Powell completes Optima CCR

July 9: Matt Pidcock completes; Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures and Optima CCR

March 9 2007: Karen Flynn completes CCR Cave
March 10: Karen completes CCR Trimix crossover from Full Trimix OC

January 24: Jeff completes 2nd Titan Instructor course

November Lori and Bob complete Advanced Nitrox

November Mike Powell completes Full trimix diving depths up to 287 fw

October 22 – Nick Mislak completes Optima CCR, Dave Schulz completes Deco Procedures and Advanced Nitrox.Oct 21 – Doug Fernandes completes basic Nitrox
September 14 – Mike Libertucci completes Optima CCR

August 25 – Mike Powell completes Technical Dive Supervisor

July 29 – Mike completes Advanced Cave: Stage Diving certification

July 29 – Thilo Gluck completes Full Cave course in Mayo, Fla. with a 3,400 foot swim in the underground aquifer
July 24 – Mike Powell completes OC Trimix with dives as deep as 300 feet for 30 + minutes bottom time
June 30 – July 4 Steve Achekian completes Optima ccr courseJune 10 – 17: CCR cave and trimix course run to depths of 240 fw. 5 cf of helium and 40 cf of O2 used per diver for the WEEK !May 17 2006: Karen Flynn completes Optima CCR courseMay 6 2006: Victor Nusic completes his Optima CCR course
Feb. 6 2006: my current and former Optima students have received their Optima rebreathers!
January 2006: 4th Optima CCR course begins in Annapolis. This rebreather is taking the market by storm!  100 units sold and 2nd production run scheduled.November 2005: First production run of Dive Rite Optima rebreather begins shipping
September 25: second Annapolis, Md IANTD instructor course completed. Nick Mislak and JD Mislak will be rated instructors upon completion of paperwork.September 16: Doug McKenna completes his Optima CCR course.
August 21: JIm Graham completes his Dive Rite Optima CCR course. 2rd course run on the Optima in Maryland
July 30: Second Annapolis, Md area IANTD instructor course begun.

July 4: Garrett Mitchell completes Technical Nitrox to depths of 170 fw  John Barton misses a dive and needs one make up dive to complete his course.The pair were completing decompression beginning at 40 and 50 ft and up to 30 minute stops at the 10 / 15 ft stop.
June 26: Jim completes all but last dive in his CCR course. 100 ft @ Bainbridge had 50′ vis. We then swam the entire perimeter of the quarry for the second dive.  Jim began the day with 22 cf of O2 and 25 cf of air, dove for 2 + hours as deep as 100 feet and had gas left at the end of the day.
June 18; Nick and JD complete Dive master course and begin Instructor Candidate work.
Late March 2005 Jeff teaches first Optima CCR course in Annapolis, followed by a second in April.
July 2004 traveled to Miami to teach 1st sanctioned Optima CCR course to John Jones and Jeff Waugh. Both are new to CCR diving.  According to Tom Mount, Jeff receives first Optima instructor rating from IANTD.
December Jeff receives 4th Optima CCR prototype. see photos of his first test dive