Depth: 45-50 ft.Has offered up literally thousands of pieces of china to avid recreational divers over the years. In years past, noted that she appeared to have burned. ┬áSank between 1867 and 1878 because of research in dating the china.In Gary Gentile’s 2002 revised edition of Shipwrecks of Delaware and Maryland, there is evidence that the wreck may have been the D.H. Bills which sank in 1880.

In spite of the shallow depth, this is


a novice dive due to the heavy current and usually low visibility.Power tools are outlawed. We recommend overweighting by at least 5lbs. to stay down in the strong current. Although occasional whole pieces of china do still come up, it is usually only with divers of considerable experience, tenacity and ultimately luck.Could this be the “D.H. Bills”?