Acquired by the Navy as the yacht Lone Star, 10 February 1941; Converted for Naval service at Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, FL. Commissioned USS Moonstone (PYc-9), 10 April 1941.Sunk by collision with USS Greer (DD-145), 16 October 1943 off Delaware Capes; Struck from the Naval Register, 26 October 1943.Today the Moonstone lies in 130 ft on a sandy bottom, intact and upright. The gaping hole in her port side gives clear evidence of the collisionwith

the USS Greer

. The engine room can be accessed by entering the impact site. Caution is advised because of loose debris, and wire cable in which to get entangled is everywhere. Her stern still has depth charges lined up in racks. The midsection superstructure has fallen into the compartments below. Her deck in some places rises almost 35 ft off the sand. The 3 inch deck gun still stands on her bow, just behind a hatch which leads to the crews quarters. ┬áThe depth charges still sit in their racks on the fantail with the metal canisters eaten away with corrosion, but all the white explosive material exposed.Specifications: Displacement 645 t.; Length 171′ 9″; Beam 26′ 9″; Draft 10′ 6″; Speed 12k; Complement 50; Armament one single 3″/50 gun mount, two .30 cal. machine guns, two depth charge tracks; Propulsion 800 bhp diesel engines, two shafts.