Course Completion Requiremnets

Completion Requirements for ALL courses

The following course completion requirements consist of major points  contained  in the agency  training standards for our courses.All standards, knowledge, skills and proficiencies required by the agencies MUST be met and this list of  “major” points, listed below, in no way limits the requirements set by agency standards. If you would like a copy of the standards requirements one will be sent upon request.Students will also be required to sign liability waivers and medical forms PLEASE read these prior to class: waivers / medical

  • Student must attend and complete all classroom sessions, watermanship skills and dives to the Instructor’s satisfaction.

  • Students with unsafe attitudes, or who demonstrate bad dive habits, must not be qualified.

  • Training is purchased upon enrollment. Qualification is earned through the student’s performance and knowledge
    demonstrated throughout the Program.

  • The Program enrolled in must be completed within six months from the starting date, unless otherwise specified in the
    Program Standard.

  • Score of 80% or greater on the written exam.

Students are expected to accomplish the required skills satisfactorily in the number of dives required by agency standards.Should a student, in order to become proficient enough in the skills to pass, require additional dives beyond those, additional instructor fees will be required. 200. per day or 150. plus expenses whichever is less.

  • the agency standards regarding number on dive team is not exceeded
  • poses no risk to the other students in the instructors opinion