Training Philosophy

Your instructor’s years of experience in technical diving as well as training others is paramount.Whether diver or instructor course, learning comes from exposure to a multiplicity of conditions, equipment configurations as well as true failure situations.We attempt to mitigate all potential failure, but as in the other areas of life, failures still occur.

Be prepared for and trained by

someone with a proven skill set.The importance of establishing correct habit patterns cannot be overemphasized.It is far easier to establish correct patterns than correct faulty ones.

  • The instructor provides more than “lectures”, their experience is a vital part of the training regimen.
  • Your instructor should have minimum 3 – 5 years diving experience at the level they are training you.

Aspects of training:KNOWLEDGE

and UNDERSTANDING are, beyond a doubt, the keys to power in any endeavor one undertakes. In diving, these provide greater diver safetySKILLS and their REPETITION are important in performance of safe dives and in the ability to survive when faced with stressful events in the water.Our courses are designed to develop superb water skills and relaxed and comfortable divers, to achieve this level techniques are taught and drills are incorporated to enable divers to realize their full potential. The confidence developed in this type of training will reward students by becoming self confident and SELF RELIANT divers.EQUIPMENT FAMILIARITY exercises, such as simulation of a gas failure with valve shutdowns and regulator switches, are included to allow divers to become confident and capable in reaching and manipulating the valves and in performing the regulator switches. To the amazement of many, this is often difficult on the first couple of tries! Indeed equipment adjustments are often needed to enhance the performance of each skill.STRESS MANAGEMENT EXERCISES: have been placed into our courses to simulate realistic diving emergencies. Their purpose is to train divers in response-awareness and to develop in their minds a memory of having experienced a similar event before. These exercises build confidence and mind conditioning to enable a response to an emergency.Train with an instructor who has safely executed thousands of Technical dives
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