what is a rebreather

To understand what a rebreather is and how it works, it is useful to understand how conventional scuba works. Nearly all diving apparatus presently available to the public falls into a class known as open-circuit scuba. This type of system was first introduced to recreational divers by Cousteau and employs a compressed gas supply and

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Rebreather Gas Use

Oxygen use: is NOT depth dependant.O2 is used as it is metabolized by the body in direct relationship to workload ONLYMost rebreathers utilize a 20 cf  (600 litre) bottle or greater capacity.The average diver metabolizes about 1 litre per minute. If working moderately the diver may metabolize 1.5 litres. If working hard, perhaps 2 litres.600

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We are qualified to teach this unit and have one for rent to students.However, we strongly recommend training and purchasing several other units.There is nothing wrong with AP Valves products but we feel the Hammerhead and Meg are superior on many points.Consider carefully Jurgensen Marine HH and ISC Meg before making a decision

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CCR Disinfectants

There are some high priced disinfectants being sold to ccr divers that do nothing more than lesser priced types. Some claim to be “harmless to the environment and the diver”. I disagree 100%. If the product kills virus, bacteria, spores and fungi, it can indeed be harmful to all, inclusive of the environment. ALWAYS, carefully

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megalodon ccr

Additional info We teach the following courses on the Meg:cave megakidib ccr, megalodon components, megalodon parts, megalodon training, megalodon rebreather, megalodon ccr, ccr, rebreather, innerspace corporation, electronic controlled rebreather Megalodon CCRmade in the USA Due to ISC‘s multiple failures in responding to questions and concernswe will not be selling their machines. Multiple calls and inquiries

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