May 2016

Advanced Cave Training

Advanced Cave introduces the Full Cave Diver to equipment, planning and skills required to conduct staged dives.In this course extensive dives will be made using one or two stage bottles to conduct the “bottom” portion of the dive.Further development of Full Cave skills in complex dives their planning and execution.Qualifies Diver to: Safely plan, organize […]

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350.  minimum 2 students, course materials 65.500.  minimum 3 students   course materials and C card fee: 50. 650.     private: 900. min 3 students 750.     private: 1000. min 2 students500.     private: 700. min 3 student700.     private: 900. min 2 students800.   combined with Adv. Nitrox 1250.    private: 1400. w Ad eanx: 1600.   

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Advanced Wreck Diver

Decompression Gas mixtures:        EANx-qualified divers may breathe up to EAN 40 during decompression. .       Advanced EANx-qualified divers may breathe up to 100% O2 during decompression.        Technical Divers or students enrolled in the Technical Wreck Program may breathe any EANx mixture or oxygen during      This course may be taught in conjunction with a Normoxic Trimix presented

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Why Cave Dive?

Cave diving is one of my favorite pastimes. What do I enjoy about cave diving?I have come to appreciate the “get in the water and dive as long and as often as I want to dive” dive plan. It’s just between my buddy and myself and based on our training and experience. I enjoy the

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Rebreather Advantages

Rebreathers in general, and closed-circuit rebreathers in particular, provide three fundamental advantages over open-circuit scuba systems: more efficient use of gas, optimized decompression characteristics, and near-silent operation.Perhaps the most significant advantage that closed-circuit rebreathers (and to a lesser extent, semi-closed rebreathers) offer is greatly increased gas efficiency. Under normal circumstances, a diver only uses a

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Technical Wreck

This program is designed to train divers in extended wreck penetration diving and the technical use of eanx for diving with oxygen utilized for decompression.Wreck penetration hazards are much different than those found in a cave. Those differences are discussed, appropriate planning and protocols presented along with variations in diving techniques.Qualifies Diver to make extensive

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“…rebreathers, I have learned some important lessons (Comper & Remley, 1996; Pyle, 1996d). After my first 10 hours on a rebreather, I was a real expert. Another 40 hours of dive time later, I considered myself a novice.When I had completed about 100 hours of rebreather diving, I realized I was only just a beginner.Now

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