May 2016

Rebreathers USA

Jeff has been diving CCR for 14+ years and is rated on 8 different units. More experience diving and teaching CCR than anyone in the region Rebreather courses, rebreather instruction, rebreather training, rebreathers USA, Megalodon  rebreather cave diver training, eccr, optima, scuba, Maryland, Annapolis, tech scuba, dive rite optima,  megadodon rebreather, optima, dive rite, ccr

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Training Philosophy

Your instructor’s years of experience in technical diving as well as training others is paramount.Whether diver or instructor course, learning comes from exposure to a multiplicity of conditions, equipment configurations as well as true failure situations.We attempt to mitigate all potential failure, but as in the other areas of life, failures still occur. Be prepared

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To Dive For

nice “fins on” ladder to swim platform for easy boarding.   multiple GPS receivers LORAN multiple VHF radios multiple depth finders multiple tanks of O2 both Captains trained in O2 rescue, CPR, and  both  are dive masters Please join us for a day of diving off the coast of Maryland or Delaware.

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